Hidden channels allow information leakage into computer systems. For example, a spy program forces optimizations to fail, which causes the user program to cache private data that it would not normally have to read.

Maurice Nivat has just died shortly before his 80th birthday, after playing a fundamental role in organising and promoting theoretical computer science. Maurice Nivat will be remembered as a creative and curious man, organiser of scientific communities and a promoter of young people and their ideas. In short, one of the visionaries in modern computer science.

Given some studies and the way artificial intelligence is presented in some of the media, concern about jobs in the future is growing. Wrongly so! Given the current state of the technologies, the robot should be seen as an assistant or a companion, not as a replacement. This requires continually educating the public in this regard, and work on the complementary nature of humans and machines.

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Information technology is now essential in many fields. Be it for banking or sales, electronic voting, piloting planes and cars, pacemakers, insulin pumps or scientific instruments, computers perform functions which are critical, and sometimes vital, in the real sense of the term. It is therefore essential that circuits, software and development tools function irreproachably. This requirement however, runs up against an intrinsic flaw in computers: bugs, tiny human errors in code that calculations can amplify to the point of causing serious damage.

In 1994, Intel had to spend 475 million dollars to correct a bug in a Pentium Pro microproc...

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November 11, 2018

November 11, 2018

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