American scientist, Dr. David Liu, is considered one of today’s most brilliant researchers. His lab’s genome editing technology can be used to correct pathogenic point mutations, or single-letter changes, in DNA. This powerful tool can, in theory, treat diseases that are caused by single-letter DNA changes and potentially provide improvements to agronomic techniques.

Web transactions no longer require human actions. The benefits could be considerable thanks to a wide and varied range of possible inventions, which is just beginning to emerge.

A fine analysis of the difference between the arithmetic mean and the median illuminates some aspects of non-transitivity.

On the climate issue, we must act very quickly by taking a step back on energy debates because the challenge covers all of our social organizations.

If design thinking takes out heavy artillery to understand people, it leaves behind the question of the meaning of the society it helps to create and seems unlikely to provide answers to major contemporary challenges, which are first, political questions.

Internet and the digital world are not spaces apart. It's our real world that has become digital, and that's why it can not be a no-right zone.

Thanks to the development of new tracking techniques and behavioural data analysis, scientists have managed to reconstruct and model the social interactions between fish in a shoal. These interactions govern their collective movements.

A mini-brain has been created from reprogrammed human skin cells. It allows studying brain development as well as pharmacological and toxicological effects of new drugs. Combined with machine learning algorithms – some of which are able to predict toxicities with a 90 % accuracy –, this strategy has become a credible alternative to animal testing.

Here is a small challenge. A coloring business that does not require any particular artistic talent. It is about combinatorics and logic.

If the context of learning is decisive for dissociating knowledge from various subjects, it would be useful to associate the learning time of complex notions with surprising and strong experiences.

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November 11, 2018

November 11, 2018

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