The climate policies aimed at achieving the ambitious goal of stabilising global warming at 2°C, stipulated in the 2015 Paris Agreement, are going to cost a lot of money. To finance sustainable solutions, abundant private savings need to be redirected towards long-term investment in infrastructure, encouraged by the public authorities.

We collectively failed to put in place sufficient economic incentives to initiate the necessary transformation of our transport. Despite some measures, this is not enough, and the point of no return is approaching.

On the climate issue, we must act very quickly by taking a step back on energy debates because the challenge covers all of our social organizations.

How could we store electricity efficiently, so that we could supply all the devices around us? By printing supercapacitators and batteries, says Valeria Nicolosi. The Dublin-based chemist is a pioneer of 2D nanomaterials ink to manufacture various energy storage device typologies.

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November 11, 2018

November 11, 2018

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