Can a solid be built that casts various shadows such as the letters of your name or the profiles of your friends? Yes if, visually, nothing distinguishes the shadow cast from the desired image.

Unlike the moral rules, the major laws of bioethics anticipate their own senescence because they must confront a permanent change.

Why do we age? Work on the underlying biological process suggests that, without necessarily becoming eternal, we could limit the consequences of aging on memory and cognition.

We collectively failed to put in place sufficient economic incentives to initiate the necessary transformation of our transport. Despite some measures, this is not enough, and the point of no return is approaching.

The humanities become digital in labs and businesses, blurring a harmful barrier between human and social sciences, and so-called hard sciences.

Statisticians identify who, from Lennon or McCartney, is the composer of In My Life, applying to music data analysis techniques commonly used to assign a text to a person from different presumed authors.

Life in the laboratory is what is now referred to as scientific integrity, while the role of the scientist in the world is the ethic of research.

The taste determines a specific behavior. The goal of systems neuroscience is to understand how neural activity and circuits connecting brain neurons process sensory information and determine behavior.

The digitization of the city should not be an opportunity for a loss of control over policies. The city is, and must remain, primarily at the service of its citizens, who must better participate in decision-making to master the complexity of a modern city and its management.

Despite the misdeeds of opacity, total transparency is harmful when people are being judged. Anonymity is also not desirable, one can not denounce without having to answer for its allegations. And confidentiality?

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November 11, 2018

November 11, 2018

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