Can a solid be built that casts various shadows such as the letters of your name or the profiles of your friends? Yes if, visually, nothing distinguishes the shadow cast from the desired image.

Statisticians identify who, from Lennon or McCartney, is the composer of In My Life, applying to music data analysis techniques commonly used to assign a text to a person from different presumed authors.

A fine analysis of the difference between the arithmetic mean and the median illuminates some aspects of non-transitivity.

Here is a small challenge. A coloring business that does not require any particular artistic talent. It is about combinatorics and logic.

How to emerge global information about a network using only local information? In a relatively simple framework, a solution is based on Toom's cellular automaton.

Mathematics makes it possible to reconstitute the "harmonic filter" that the ear does naturally. Until being able to guide the race of a blind rollerblading champion!

In mathematics, the magic lies in the contrast between our perception a priori and the evidence: if many can understand the statement and have fun, it takes a lot of effort and genius to demonstrate it!

The US basketball season is in full swing. Some teams are clocking up good results; others are thinking of transferring players to enhance the team. Unfortunately (or not), transactions are governed by the powerful NBA, which limits the total sum available to pay a team. Directors therefore need to recruit intelligently. So, the teams invest in probability and statistics consultants.

Where should you place a lamp that will light up the whole room? After looking for a while, you decide not to light the room directly. Following the advice of an interior designer, you cover the walls with mirrors to eliminate the dark corners. Yet you still have the impression that you cannot light the whole room. This is a mathematical problem called illumination.

“Do Detectives Know About These Advances in Image Processing?” The reader can see some of the extraordinary advances in image processing, some of which are just as incredible, or even more so, than those presented in your detective serial.

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November 11, 2018

November 11, 2018

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