Why do we age? Work on the underlying biological process suggests that, without necessarily becoming eternal, we could limit the consequences of aging on memory and cognition.

A team of researchers in the United States has identified, almost by accident, a new therapeutic avenue against chronic pain. It involves AgRP / NPY neuronal groups, already known to activate when we feel hunger.

How can such a simple and natural act as breathing affect our psychological state to such an extent? Breathing combines with other motor behaviours such as speaking, laughing, crying or eating without becoming breathless. This activity requires fine control from our brains which use numerous neural circuits to achieve it.

Adults manufacture juvenile neurons, it could be interpreted as adaptation to the environment. Several studies underlines the idea of “on demand” neurogenesis, which would model our brain according to specific needs.

“Destroying neurons in the zona incerta leads to weight reduction”. The aim of this chronicle is not to propose solutions for losing weight before the holidays, but to share with you the latest knowledge on the brain mechanisms that govern our desire to eat.

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November 11, 2018

November 11, 2018

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